Music Room is a music player designed to play loopable songs, such as video game soundtrack. Currently, the most up-to-date version is 0.2.0. Its features include:

Download and source

Music Room 0.2.0 Download

The application works on Windows, and requires .NET Framework 4.5.2 to run. Just unpack the archive and follow the instructions in the attached README file. If you have any issues, please send a report.

Music Room Source

The source is available on a GitHub public repository. If you'd like to implement some feature or just play around with the player, feel free to fork. Just remember to follow the license terms.

Premade playlists

A collection of premade playlists has been prepared for your listening pleasure. The albums and soundtracks themselves aren't shared here, but there are links to their official download or purchase pages.


In future versions, I plan to add, among other things:

(not necessarily in that order)